My First Post in Resources:) : Load Multiple Excel Files With Different Sheet names

    Hi All,

          Hope all are doing well . Few days back I have one requirement and do some R&D about that finally got the solution. So I want to share with you all. Hope this will helps you guys.

      My Requirement: I have 3000 excel files in same path with different sheet names and field names are same in all excel files. Have to load in my application.

                       The below script I build to load multiple excel files with different sheet names at a time.



        LOAD *,
    FileName() as Excelnames
    ooxml, embedded labels, table is [$(*)]);


      Still any doubts in this script please refer the attachment. Hope that will helps to understand the requirement.


      Anything wrong in this script please give me the instructions. Comments please.


        Thank You Very Much and wish you a very Happy Ney Year 2014

    Note: In This case can load only first sheet of all Excel files.


    Nirmal Raj