QlikView Managed Expression Repository Example

    A method to implement an external expression repository using only two variables and loading from a central configuration source (file, database, etc).


    Sample of the two variables to return either an expression or label from the expression table:


         $(=only({<[exp.Name]={'$1'}>} [exp.Value]))


         MaxString({<[exp.Name]={'$1'}>} [exp.Label])


    Then just put "$(getDefinition(fYourExpressionNameHere))" as your expression definition and you're done.


    Please see the attached for a more detailed example.



    Besides central management this method also assists the QlikView cache by helping keep the expressions consistent.  Henric Cronström has written an excellent document regarding the QlikView cache at http://community.qlik.com/blogs/qlikviewdesignblog/2014/04/14/the-qlikview-cache, with particular emphasis on his last bold point.



    I'd also like to give credit to vegar.lie.arntsen for prompting me to create this example on Google+ some time ago: What is best practice for centralizing expressions in Qlikview?Example: I…