Link Dropbox and QlikView

    This nice little app is scanning your Dropbox folders and builds a list of files, folders and hyperlinks. This allows you to easily share files using your local Dropbox but you can refer to the automatically created hyper links under which where your files are publicly available.

    Screenshot 2014-10-24 15.12.56.png

    To use this follow those steps:

    • Put the files, which you like to share and get links for, into a subfolder of your Dropbox
    • Wait for the synchronization to finish (files are now in the Dropbox cloud)
    • Right-click the Dropbox folder and choose "share link"

    Screenshot 2014-10-24 15.16.41.png

    • A public hyperlink is copied to the clipboard. It looks something like this: https꞉//∕p1yjec2x30w1mqz/AADf7fY-X1pbBdo-ChLnX_Mwa?dl=0

    Screenshot 2014-10-24 15.16.46.png

    • Paste this link into the config file called "Dropbox Scan URL.txt" which is in the same folder as the app "Dropbox Parser.qvw"
    • (if this file does not exist, click on "Reload" ... the text will be created and a message shown)
    • You can put multiple Dropbox urls into this text file; an "Active" flag has to be set to 1 in order to be looked at by the Script

    Screenshot 2014-10-24 15.31.04.png

    • You can set in the app to scan also all subfolders found under a given Dropbox link if you like
    • This app also exports a complete list as .txt format, so that you may use it in other apps. Here you can see the contents

    Screenshot 2014-10-24 15.36.17.png


    ►All Dropbox hyperlinks contain a readable part (the file/folder name) and a hash key.

    ►You cannot guess a file's web location

    ►However, this is not a random key, but a hash which remains the same as long as your file and folder names and structure stays the same (hyperlinks will continue work without reload)


    Enjoy ...


    For the technically interested:


    The Dropbox page returned, when you access those hyperlinks, does not send an HTML-Table ("oldschool"). In order to get the information like Filename, Hyperlink, FileSize, Owner etc. some advanced parsing needs to be made. The HTML content is read as text (so all the tags are plain-code) and then the correct parts within <a href...> and <div id= and <span class= ... etc are searched.


    ꞉►This is not trivial and it will fail if Dropbox changes their web-site code of certain ids and classes.