Windows Task to Restart QDS.docx

    QlikView 11 SP1 – Windows Task to restart QDS


    This quick guide will assist QlikView server administrators with creating a simple Windows Task using Windows PowerShell to restart the QlikView Distribution Service. This guide is in response to a bug found with QlikView Server 11 Sp1. (Bug ID# 46252) In this bug, QlikView Server reload tasks will run, and complete. However, the task will remain in a running state until the QDS is restarted. If the QDS is not restarted, the next time a task which remains in a running state is triggered, it will not trigger as the QDS believes that the task has not finished from the previous run time.


    Windows Task setup proces:

    1. Connect to your Windows Server
    2. Launch Task Scheduler
    3. Create a Task for this event
      1. Recommend creating a QlikView folder for organization
      2. Recommend naming task something QlikView appropriate for organization
    4. General Tab: Detail the task as necessary
      1. Recommend using the same account to run Task as that which runs the QlikView Services
    5. Triggers Tab: Set task to trigger after business hours
      1. After all reloads are done
    6. Actions Tab: Select Start a program
      1. Program/Script:                C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe
      2. Add Arguments:               -command Restart-Service QlikViewDistributionService;
    7. Conditions Tab: Detail the task as necessary
    8. Settings Tab: Detail the task as necessary
    9. Click Ok
    10. Enter password for account if prompted
    11. Run task as a test

    Close Task scheduler


    Thank you

    -Travis Dirmyer