Storing and Reusing QlikView Specific Expressions with QlikView Expressor

    Using QlikView Expressor (QVE) to manage and prepare data for QlikView is a great step towards adding data governance and data management to your QlikView deployment. Not only can you visualize where data originates and its final destination, but you can also create reusable parameterized business rules that can be shared across multiple applications.


    By design QVE uses a Transform Operator to store Expression and Function rules to manipulate and/or add new data. When transforming data - a simple QVE expression is used. The result is a transformed or new data column(s) in the output of the final QlikView table model.


    But what if you want to store and reuse an actual QlikView specific scripted expression and not just have the resulting column output? This would be an ideal method to reference a single version of that expression in a unified manner. In turn it could reduce maintenance significantly if changes are made since there is only one place to make modifications, QlikView Expressor. This approach would also increase productivity and data confidence as it creates a single common expression stored in a centralized reusable repository.


    Sample is attached in this blog entry: