Sorted Heatmap example

    Hi everyone,


    as described in How to show or visualize this kind of data? I found heatcharts to be very effective in cases of visualization of numeric facts by two dimensions with lots of values each.

    To do so, I would create a pivot table with dimensions e.g. department and organism name an add the # of organisms as an expression. Then by draging the department dimension to the top of the chart you can create one column per department each. The # of organisms then would be used to color code the background color (expression tab of the charts properties).

    The result should look like this:

    Heat map example 3.JPG.jpg

    By sorting the organism and department dimensions using the # of organisms expression (descending) you can bring the most infectious of your organisms to the top of the table and the most involved departments to the left side.

    This also allows for your users to focus on these specific departments and organisms:


    Heat map example 4.JPG.jpg


    Hope this could be useful