Qlik Community,


    I was recently trying to work out some automation effects, when I got caught up in looking through the API guide for solutions.


    While perusing through the code examples I was trying to discern how I could scan through the coding examples more than one at a time.  That lead to discovering the guide was using INFO loads to embed the code example information into the rendering field.  That lead to discovering that the data model is constructed around 8 synthetic keys, and then that let to finding the usage of semantic loads, etc..


    So finding this variety of techniques, I wanted to form the same data model but with revisions that make it easier for me to discern the chain of associations, with the first attempt being the attached document, basically an extraction of the original API Guide reassembled.  Synthetic keys have been removed, semantic behaviors have been preserved.


    **Also, of interest to note.  Semantic tables were caught up in the iterated extraction process, and it was very strange.  The QVD output was able to STORE QVD in which the field names were non-distinct.  Upon reloading those output QVD into blank documents,  WHERE clauses would produce field value lists completely exclusive of non-where filtered documents.


    Here's an image of the revised data model.


    What are your thoughts on this?  Did the revisions to the original data structure compromise the integrity or the associations of the original data set in any way?  Thoughts on these modifications would be appreciated.  Thanks Qlik community!