Different Join Functions in Qlikview

    In join functionality we have four type of the joins as we know and at the place they differently used in the data model. I provide this document for under stand the functionality of the joins in the 4 ways.


    There are 4 type of joins

    1. Left Join

    2. Right Join

    3. Inner Join

    4. Outer Join


    1. Left Join :- When we use this join between two tables the join occurs but the rows from the left table taken and from right table only matching rows.

    2. Right Join:- When Right Join used between tables so in this only right tables rows taken and the matching rows from the left table taken.

    3. Inner Join:- In this join type only matching rows from both the tables right and left table is taken.

    4. Outer Join:- In this join rows taken which is not match another table.


    Two Tables.png


    After different Joins performance table look with different joins functionality and the number of rows is different in each tables

    Different Joins.png

    You can check the attached file also and go for loading different joins table for its definition at a time only one join. In the script vDefine variable is always set to 1 and for viewing different join table then set 1 for that tab variable and rest are must set as 0 in the variable. At a single time if you view only one table will give you best definition of the joins and you can see the join performs and the result in the table box for rows that loaded.


    LET vDefine = 1;
    LET vLeftActivator = 1;
    LET vRightActivator = 0;
    LET vInnerActivator = 0;
    LET vOuterActivator = 0;