Free Text Box Extension Object

    Version 1.0

    This extension object produces a text box you can enter free text into. Text is linked to values in a key field. When the user makes a single selection in the key field in QlikView, any text linked to that key field will be displayed in the text box.The classic use case is to enable the user to record "Notes To The Accounts". These notes can be linked to specific divisions, and the relevant notes would be displayed when you select each division. A screen shot is provided below:




    The extension object will submit the entered text (embedded in XML) to a URL for processing. The URL used is configurable, so you can develop your own web service to save the text to a database or other repository. However sample website code is provided with the extension object that stores the text in an XML document on the web server, and retrieves the text from that document when the user makes a selection in the key field. The sample website is written in Classic ASP and is provided as a “proof of concept” solution only.



    • Data is only retrieved when a single value is selected in the Key Field.
    • Data is only submitted for saving when the user clicks on the Save button.
    • The FreeTextBox will be disabled if the user has not selected a single value from the key field.
    • You can configure the extension object to NOT link data to a Key Field. Then the saved text will always be displayed, and the FreeTextBox will never be disabled.


    Updates to the extension object will be placed on this same page in QlikCommunity. It has been tested with Chrome. Firefox and IE on the PC. It has been tested with Safari and Mercury browsers on iPad.


    Note that this extension object is provided AS IS and is not supported in any way. But if you have any issues or suggestions then please post them here as comments and I will try to help out.