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Limiting Base Sheets

I need to write a security rule that will limit other users from seeing unpublished sheets that other have created in the published stream that a have a Consumer role.  I want users to see the published or approved sheets, but not the sheets that have not been approved.  Can anyone provide any insight on how to create this security rule?

By the way, I am more than willing to help other out regarding this matter.


Here is an example of my security rule.  It does not give me the result that I am looking.

(resource.resourcetype = "App.Object" and resource.published = "false" and (resource.objectType= "sheet" and resource.App.Sheet.HasPrivilege("read") and user.roles="UDR_ConsumerRole"))

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Master III
Master III

There is no need for any new rules. This is the default behavior. Users can only see their own unpublished sheets. This hasn't changed since you made your previous post, and you still need to check your customized rules to find out which one is allowing to something that is not available by default, and adjust that rule.



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