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Make height responsive on embedded iframe not working

Hi, I am to add embedded iframes from Qlik Sense Cloud applications to an intranet. I want to make the iframes heights responsive and have tried several different CSS solutions, with no luck. If I instead try the solutions with youtube-iframes (testing purpose), it works however, so  I am thinking it could be something else that matters then only the CSS I use? Something within Qlik? Security? Else?

Solutions I have tried:

https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.2/utilities/embed/#example (the intranet uses bootstrap)

and also tried with flexbox.

In content security Policy in QMC I have tried all the different directives, no luck. To only display the iframes I just need to mark the directive frame-ancestors.

I would appreciate if anyone could come up with a solution. Now, using the w3school or the bootstrap solution, in small screen sizes what happens is that overflow hidden takes place - the chart inside the iframe gets hidden from the bottom and up. Can not see that it actually gets responsive on the height at all.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!



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I would also be interested in any workarounds people have found to this issue, i.e., non-responsive height. I also am getting excessive white space between visuals when I embed an entire sheet.

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